Monday, October 8, 2007

Jazz Pianist

What an opportunity! What a fun!!!
Jazz Pianist Kwak Yoon Chan had come all the way from Seoul to NYC to have his recording and photograph done two weeks ago.
When he first called to schedule a shoot with me, I was in shock with joy and surprise. You know, I am mostly children's photographer (even though I got to do lots of other stuff like musician profile, business head shots and event photography...), but this is an awesome chance to do such a cool things, because the pictures will be published in his 4th CD in November 2007!

I met these three great musicians in NYC and had so much fun with them taking pictures listening their music of course.

" I love Jazz piano, period!"

as you can hear the background music at my website (it is "Emily," my favorite).. All my clients' slide show has my choice of piano music in background and everybody loves it. What I am trying to say here is I love music and I love to take pictures of musician playing music.
The coolest thing happened there was that he wrote a song called "yellowhale" after he heard my vision and story behind Yellowhale Photography. and the song will be added to the CD!!! How cool is that???? I just can not help thinking about this exciting news! I got to hear the song "yellowhale".. it is such a beautiful song. I really really really like it.
I will share the song with everyone when the album is published in November! Stay tuned!!!!!

k.... later

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